Rubber Compound Series

We use the following system to rate our compounds:

5 - Excellent
4 - Above Average
3 - Average
2 - Fair
1 - Poor

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CompoundsCharacteristicsHardness Range Shore AAbrasion ResistanceTear ResistanceLoad BearingHysteresisResistance to DentingMax Service Temp
(° C/° F)
Ozone ResistanceResiliency
SiliconeSilicone compounds giving high temperature resistance and high release, formulated specifically for roller applications (40-90 duro).40-9011155260/50051
EPDM/SiliconeUnique blend of EPDM and Silicone offering improved toughness over Silicone with better release and high temperature resistance than EPDM (40-95 duro).40-9532233185/36554
Nitrile/PVCUnique blends of Nitrile rubber and PVC. The softer compounds (20-50 duro) are for offset printing applications and the harder compounds (50-95 duro) are for industrial applications.20-9543311121/25042
EPDMEPDM type rubber compounds offering toughness, chemical resistance and low swell to specific solvents (20-95 duro).20-9543323177/35054
Nitrile RubberNitrile (NBR, Buna N) compounds for general usage requiring oil resistance (20-95 duro).20-9533423121/25013
NeopreneNeoprene compounds with good all-around properties for industrial applications (5-95 duro).5-9534442121/25034
HypalonHypalon compounds which are tough and hard-wearing for dry applications (30-95 duro).30-9544522149/30053
Hydrogenated NitrileHydrogenated or highly saturated Nitrile compounds with outstanding heat and abrasion resistance (50-98 duro).50-9855553160/32054
NaturalNatural rubber based compounds for general roller use requiring toughness and dynamic properties (25-99 duro).25-9955555100/21215
PolyurethanePolyurethane offers outstanding abrasion resistance and toughness for dry applications (20-95 duro).20-9555555100/21244
Carboxylated NitrileCarboxylated Nitrile compounds offering outstanding abrasion resistance and toughness (45-90 duro).45-9555512135/27512